Sunday, May 06, 2007

New and Improved!

Folks and people, I'd like to draw your attention to a few new features here at The Third Banana, some of which you may or may not have even noticed yet or not. First, I've added labels to all 157 posts and will continue to add them from now on. As far as names are concerned, the new labels should make this blog effectively "searchable" (I was surprised by the number of Eddie Cantor posts). I've also added tags for OTR, stage, cinema, and TV. To what end, I really don't know. New feature number two: I had intended since last year to begin featuring public domain shorts and clips here but ran into some technical snags and, frankly, was blissfully unaware of the Great and Glorious YouTube Revolution. Now that I have a better handle on things, I intend to post at least a short a week here for the foreseeable future. Finally, as you'll notice down the sidebar, this blog now features (unobtrusive) advertisements. Please help me to cover the costs involved in bringing you free movies, radio shows, and magazine scans by clicking on some of the ads now and again (turns out I've been linking to some of these advertisers here for months anyway). Every little bit helps!

Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful two-page spread from the January, 1945 issue of Tune In. This ad for CBS's weekday radio lineup has some wonderful Herschfeld art (no hidden NINAs yet; she wouldn't be born until later that year) and some offhandedly callous comments about some beloved comedians. RE: Burns and Allen: "It may seem strange that they still love each other.." Yeah! Why on earth does George put up with that idiot?? And adding an (?) after "Durante's brain" just strikes me as downright cruel.

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