Saturday, July 22, 2006

Will wundas nevva sizz?

More evidence that classic comedians are the coming pop-culture trend*. NYCopyGuy has brought to my attention this extremely nifty Wheeler and Woolsey music video on YouTube. El Kaye has culled appropriate clips from what appear to be every last one of Bert and Bob's movies and has beautifully set them to Colin Hay's "Circles Erratica". The results are a lot of fun and even rather moving.

El Kaye has also produced a similarly sweet tribute to Bert Wheeler and Dot Lee set to Paul McCartney's "I Will". Check it out!

*The other day a friend of mine pointed out a poster for a local garage band that utilizes a big portrait of Bert Lahr pulling his "gnong gnong gnong" face. It's a coming trend, I tell you!!

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