Monday, June 11, 2007

Monty Collins SINGS!

In 1940, stalwart Third Banana Monte/y/ie Collins turned up in a small comic relief role in the exploitation quickie Mad Youth, directed by Melville Shyer. Monty wasn't exactly known for his singing, so seeing him belt out a wonderfully corny tearjerker about "Old Broadway" is a bit of a treat and suggests that the guy had more than a little vaudeville experience. What do you bet the uncredited woman who accompanies him on the piano was his wife?

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Blogger East Side said...

He's actually far better than I'd expected; very well suited to that kind of song. Did he sing in any other movies?

10:35 AM  
Blogger Aaron Neathery said...

Not that I know of, and it's a shame if he didn't. He wouldn't have been bad in musical comedy. I do have to wonder if this little number was his idea. "Sure, I'll show up for a day's worth of shooting. Say, did you know I can sing, too?"

8:49 PM  

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