Monday, August 06, 2007

The Third Banana: Pressed For Time Edition

Sorry about the quietness around here lately, folks. I'm up to my neck in Real World Hassles so I haven't had many opportunities to post over the past two weeks. Again, I'm completely open to guest posts from readers so if have, say, an in-depth analysis of the comedy of George Ovey you've been aching to make public, let me know. Meanwhile, I have two things to share. First, this January 9th, 1938 episode of The Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air features (most of) the original voice artists for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves including Scotty Mattraw (Bashful), Otis Harlan (Happy), Roy Atwell (Doc), and best of all, Billy Gilbert as Sneezy. This is one of the few recordings I've heard of Billy performing his sneezing shtick in front of a live audience (in the 50s, Billy did the routine on Andy's Gang on TV and the kids in the audience would go wild). His appearance begins around 17:45, and he manages to not only crack up the audience but host John Hiestan as well. Best, you can hear Billy outrageously ramp up the convulsions as he plays to the crowd, something you'll never hear in his film performances. Wonderful stuff. Although Walt Disney and Clarence Nash are on hand as Mickey and Donald, Goofy is performed by Stuart Buchanan, not Pinto Colvig, so Buchanan may be handling Sleepy and Grumpy as well. Trivia: Lucille La Verne, who reprises her role as the Witch here ("Hello, Disney! Have a bite??") played Aunt Hannah opposite Wheeler and Woolsey in Kentucky Kernels (1934). Just thought you'd like to know. And speaking of Bert and Bob, here's "I'm that Way About You" from Caught Plastered (1931). Watch for Arthur Housman as one of the drunks at the bar (what else?).

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