Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh, Mr. Bankrobber!

Blessings upon the kind soul who posted these clips from Harry Enfield's brilliant 1989 mockumentary of British film, Sir Norbert Smith: A Life, on YouTube. Harry parodies everything from Will Hay and Carry On comedies to propaganda and slice-of-life dramas. Caught this on PBS years ago and never forgot it.

Oh, Mr. Bankrobber! (1936). Enfield plays Norbert Smith as Graham Moffatt, the late George Raistrick plays the Marriott role, and Peter Goodwright plays a letter-perfect "Will Silly".

Rebel Without a Tie (1937). "He was young, working class, and he had no scruples.."

Venereal Disease - The Facts. An MOI public information short.

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