Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Buffoon Of Joy

Bob Woolsey's only solo feature may be a cheap Poppy knockoff, but at least Al Boasberg was trying to deliver a vehicle properly suited to Bob Woolsey's talents. The same can't be said for Bert Wheeler's contemporary Too Many Cooks, a patience-straining timewaster which features no songs, no dancing, no action, and Roscoe Ates as comic relief. It's altogether odd considering that RKO was banking on Bert, not Bob, as the big solo success. Here are some fun newspaper ads from July 25-August 18, 1931.

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Blogger East Side said...

This proves my theory: The more zany adjectives in the print ads, the fewer laughs in the movie.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Craig Clarke said...

Teams should never be split up. There's always a chemistry that makes them work well together that usually clunks when separated. Wheeler gives Woolsey some restraint, just like Woolsey gives Wheeler some edge.

6:56 AM  
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