Friday, May 09, 2008

George Wallace?

And the obscure classic comedians just keep a-coming! Meet George Wallace, reportedly Australia's most popular depression-era comic. He's rather like an Aussie proto-Costello. I'd love to see more, but these clips are all I've found thus far.

His Royal Highness (1932) George is no slouch when it comes to storytelling, pratfalls, and dancing. The material may be weak, but he knows how to sell it.

His Royal Highness (1932) Wadayaknow.. An Australian "crazy kingdom" social satire released between Cracked Nuts and Duck Soup. Shades of Hugh Herbert.

His Royal Highness (1932) "Daddy smack!"

Absolutely excellent interplay between Wallace and a straightman in this clip from Harmony Row (1933).

Harmony Row (1933) Wow.. Just.. Wow. Pathos? Comedy? Both? Neither? The little boy is Bill Kerr, later a regular on Hancock's Half Hour in the 50s.

Harmony Row (1933)
George does a seemingly partially improvised comedy boxing routine before a highly appreciative audience.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the 70s, Boston's Ch.38 bought a package of public domain films,to show late at night, that included many British and Austrailian B films.One of them was Wallace's "Let George Do It", retitled "A Crazy Affair"(Probably to avoid confusion with the same-named Formby film).

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