Monday, October 27, 2008

The Harry Files, Part III, 1934-1944

Modesto Bee, 2/23/34

Oakland Tribune, 2/13/34

San Antonio Light, 11/20/34

Brownsville Herald, 11/20/34

San Antonio Light, 4/5/36

Nevada State Journal, 8/18/38. Previously, Harry was rumored to
be a possible replacement for Bert Wheeler during Bert's brief split
with Bob Woolsey. Now here he is filling in for Stan Laurel. If he had
lived past 1944, I'm sure he would have eventually been a rumored
fill-in for Lou Costello.

Titusville Herald, 8/20/38. Was Roach serious or not?

Edwardsville Intelligencer, 8/22/38

Ogden Standard-Examiner, 8/22/38

Kingsport Time, 9/2/38

Lowell Sun, 12/1/38

Oakland Tribune, 12/13/38

Frederick Post, 1/9/39

Helena Daily Independent, 1/10/39

Ironwood Daily Globe, 1/10/39

Olean Times-Herald, 1/10/39

Oakland Herald, 1/10/39

Fresno Bee, 8/22/39

Ogden Standard-Examiner, 11/26/39

Port Arthur News, 11/28/39

?, 12/?/41

Portsmouth NH Herald, 12/17/41. I Cover the Waterfront
is Double Trouble's supporting feature.

News-Palladium, 12/22/44

Amarillo Daily News, 12/23/44

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Blogger East Side said...

"Amazingly satisfactory" -- what a compliment. It is a compliment, isn't it?

Those last two flops Langdon talks about -- are they "Three's a Crowd" and "The Chaser"? That would be interesting, since they seem to be undergoing a re-evaluation by Langdon fans.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Michael J. Hayde said...

He's talking about "The Chaser" and "Heart Trouble."

6:31 PM  

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