Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Bobby!

In honor of Bobby Clark's 118th birthday, I'm posting these two images from the collection of Mike Brick, nephew of Paul McCullough, who has graciously consented to their use. These photos are taken from Paul's mother's personal scrapbooks of her son's career, and there's plenty more where they came from. A huge overhaul of The Clark and McCullough Database is now in the works so watch this blog for future announcements.

Clark (right) and McCullough (left), circa 1913, in their vaudeville act Much Ado About Nothing, a variation on their circus routine in which they attempt to put a chair on top of a table. Bobby and Paul had already been comedy teammates for thirteen years at this point! Bobby's greasepaint eyeglasses, of which you can seen an early variation here, had their origins as a part of his traditional clown's whiteface makeup. The putty noses and whiteface would be gone by the end of the decade.

Clark and McCullough as we know and love them, seen here in a publicity still from their RKO short Hokus Focus (1933).

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