Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Twin brother to a chicken!!!"

Classic comedy workhorse Edgar Kennedy stars in this 1937 Jam Handy safety short for Chevrolet. In The Other Fellow, poor Edgar finds himself bedeviled by a colorful variety of poor drivers, all played by Edgar Kennedy. "Why, they're in my head! Everywhere!" says Edgar before looking into his rear-view mirror and realizing.. that he's Edgar Kennedy as well! "Well, I'll be a..." mutters Ed, apparently never having seen his own reflection before. Edgar eventually ends up in an altercation with another driver (not played by Edgar Kennedy) after a fender-bender and is quickly hauled away by police as children stand by and laugh at him. "You know we all can improve driving conditions only when we see in ourselves a reflection of the other fellow." the judge tells him. "We won't be so quick to jump on him when we realize that we, ourselves, are the other fellow." On this film's page, commenter "hauber" mentions another Jam Handy safety short entitled Sitting Pretty (1940) that stars Harry Langdon! Does anyone out there know its whereabouts?

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